Beauty gets attention, personality gets the heart

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#babygirl #aaliyah #tbt one of my favorite songs from the album #oneinamillion this was my jam and still is miss you everyday πŸ’—πŸ’―πŸ™Œ

There is beauty & truth in your being. You are the brightest star in the universe. Don’t let anything dim your leading light. Neither crisis nor circumstances can ever take it away from you ❀️ πŸ‘‘ Michael 
And that is how his legacy will@go on forever his music was genuine & always came from his heart & that passion was his & only his you can feel it in his music that’s why is he is & forever will be the #kingofpop whose heart big enough for the world to see πŸ’―#michaeljackson #moonwalkers #myheart #kingforever @ayotrey @rednyc1979 @_mouthlikelicka @tootsietime @twisted_eleganceee
I ain’t never gonna stop doing you right , and I
I’m going be that only guy,
And I’m going to your give your heart everything it’s needed me for❀️ Mike
One of favorite UK male singers & I have all his songs . And I hope one day to find man who treats me like this 😊 mike I just love your music so much keep being the beautiful honest artist that you are . #mikehough #thatonlyguy #favorite #UKartist

I really miss the island & my family in Hawaii πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒI need to visit home soon & just see one of these beautiful Hawaiian sunsets again & just lay on the beach , get some shaved ice 🍧 #hawaii #home #memories #family #hawaiiisalwayshome

Don’t you me bring me down today ❀️ this song needs no explanation of the beauty & power it has & Christina Aguilera is my second queen πŸ‘‘πŸ’― every word she sings moves my heart & this song is just everything #christinaaguilera #fighter #beautiful #youarewhoyouare @xtina

I promise to always try to represent our people best way I know how , I will always follow my dreams , and I will never ever lose my pride πŸ’— Janet honestly that’s why this incredible strong talented woman is my heart & my driving force to always be the best I can be in the best way that I know how πŸ’― #janetjackson #janfam #trueyou #genuine #humble #followyourheart
People can say what they want about my passions in my life , but for me these artists have givens strength , love & comfort to know I am living my life right, they captured my heart at the age of 4 & forever more , these words are not enough to say what I feel but I know deep in my ❀️ the love for them@is genuine & real , Michael & Janet music that comes from the heart that burns with a passion from the soul , your music is forever timeless built in love that is whole , I can’t imagine my life without their music & wisdom I carry it with me everyday , in my heart what they have done for me is where it will always stay . Michael & Janet I love you that is all I know , without them my strength could not grow ,artists like you have given me a reason to sing my song , & sing my lyrics even when others think they are wrong 
Timika πŸ’―πŸ‘‘ #michaeljackson #janetjackson #janfam #moonwalkers #poetry #passion #musicroyalty

Yes yes yes celebrating #IF #anniversary today on this if was released 21 yrs ago and this video is still bad ass & again Janet’s choreography is timeless one of my favorite videos I remember watching this on MTV I was 6 😍 bow down to an #icon that no one can ever touch or be #queenjanet πŸ‘‘πŸ’― #janfam #janetreign #janetjackson #janetera @flytetymejam @bobbyrossavila @jmcgrone #legends

One of the many reasons I love & admire my #wcw @xtina πŸ’― people have always criticized women for speaking their minds not xtina I love her strength for that πŸ‘Š #christinaaguilera #fighter #bold #strong

My other queen CHRISTINA β€οΈπŸ’― her music is my salvation