Beauty gets attention, personality gets the heart

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#mcm Maxwell 😍 One of my favorite R&B neo soul singers . He sings with so much passion & that voice is heaven #maxwell #r&b #neosoul #singer @maxwell
#wcw 😍❀️😍 the fierce ever so beautiful @tyrabanks πŸ™Œ 
Try and fail .
But never fail to try ~Tyra Banks
I have always admired her determination & ambition in everything she does & has achieved while remaining humble one of my all time fav models #tyrabanks #admire #inspiration #ambition #succeed
I stay true to myself and my style . And I’m always pushing myself to be aware of that and BE ORIGINAL ❀️ ~ Aaliyah babygirl you were exactly just that original and more, she remained humble through it all & carried herself with such grace & dignity . And she was an artist that followed her heart & always appreciated her fans  πŸ’― #babygirl #aaliyah #original #realartist she will always one of all time fav artists and today I CELEBRATE AALIYAH
13 yrs that you gone away,my heart still breaks thinking of that day, your beauty & kindness were truly one of a kind, that’s why you will always be one in a million in our minds, we celebrate you Aaliyah the person & artist that always had so much love to give, in your fans it’s always persevered & recieved , now your star is still shining bright upon the skies , we always your love to light our way through the lies , Aaliyah I miss & love you more than this poem can say , your music & spirit within my heart will always stay , the fans we hold your you close to our hearts to keep your legacy alive , to us Aaliyah your star is forever still on the rise ~ Timika  β€οΈπŸ’― #babygirl #aaliyah #poetry #missyoumuch @themajorlook1 @aaliyahedits @rednyc1979
Swallow my pride, and learn to forgive / When I’m looking for love I pretendSwallow my pride, and learn to forgive / When I’m looking for love I pretend ❀️ @tinashenow I’m really feeling your new single & I really love your music so much your lyrics are always real & I feel what you sing proud to support you girl since your first mixtape πŸŽΆπŸ‘Œ we want a real love even if it does have to be pretend for that real love to start over again ❀️ #tinashe #teamtinashe #pretend #myjam #emotions
#tbt starting my vinyl collection and came  home to this 😍 only real music going to last πŸ‘‘β€οΈ music that has a meaning 🎢 #vinyl #janetjackson #janfam #control #michaeljackson #thriller25 #moonwalkers
I awaken earlier to the beautiful orange rays of the sun rising this morning 😍🌞 #mornings #sunrise #summer
You can’t master your future if you’re still a slave to your past πŸ’—
Rihanna that’s why I love her she keeps it πŸ’―βš“οΈ #quote #rihanna #rihannanavy #moveforward
Hey it’s only an eternity of servitude. This is love πŸ’— Genie
Honestly I’m saddened by his robin Williams was my childhood growing up & I just hope you know how many laughters & smiles you truly brought the world from your gifts & just know that our love for you & your amazing work is forever πŸ™Œ #riprobinwilliams #aladdin #genie #friendship

Happy 8 yr #anniversary to one my top all time favorite albums from my other queen @xtina #backtobasics #era #blues #soul I love this album and what christina represented which was keeping the jazz soul alive & paying respect to those soul singers she looked up & yes CHRISTINA YOU GOT SOUL ❀️ one of my favorite eras from her and to me a timeless album #christinaaguilera #fighter